Sunday, June 26, 2011

what did u do to me ?

setiap bait kata dLm Lagu ni .. sgt2 indah .. sgt mnyentuh perasaan .. my tears keep on come out .. dia xnak berhenti .. what should i do .. 4 sure .. im not just cry bcoz of dis song n dat Lyric .. butttt .. 4 those yg dedicated n suruh fiqa dgr Lagu ni .. i noe u reaLLy hurt jus now aLso me if u tatau .. Please let bygone be bygone .. i noe it not that easy .. but try pLease .. ALLAH sentiasa ada dgn hamba yg memrLukan pertoLongan nye .. jus b ikhLas when u say " jus go fLy away dgn bebas nye" .. u Let me fLy away .. but with the taLi terikat kat kaki .. how far can i go ? but 4 that song .. tq n it reaLLy touched .. sorry 4 dat hurt .. fiqa xde niat 4 give u dat hurt ...

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